"Figure In Form"
to May 13

"Figure In Form"

Michael Sutton to display his Figure in Form exhibit at Bay View’s Studio Gallery. Through the art of photography Sutton confronts the Midwest’s conservative culture with an open mind and a sophisticated style.  He doesn’t set out to change the conservative nature of the region, but rather, strives to maintain his creative and vibrant background while synthesizing a new fusion in photography and the arts.  Sutton’s exhibit shows his understanding of the passion and freedom that comes with art and demonstrates his belief that it is up to each individual’s expression to celebrate the human potential. 

Sutton was originally inspired by the ancient Greek Gods and the beauty within their form.  His intention was to capture the male form and represent history in a more modern, and what some may call, an ‘erotic’ way.  The first gallery showing of ‘Figure in Form’ was during New York City’s Fashion Week in 2008. The gallery was an extended showing of his recent spread in Blue Magazine, published worldwide earlier that year.  Now that Sutton is back in Milwaukee, he has had the opportunity to show his work again at Studio Lounge, in Bay View, WI.

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"20 Years of Nude"
to Sep 11

"20 Years of Nude"

As a remedy to the sterility of typically barren and impersonal studio spaces, LGallery Studio emerged as a new concept of a personalized and indulgent working space for the photographers and models to revel in. LGallery Studio was meticulously fashioned to mesmerize with unique details such as its original Swarovski chandeliers, grandiose castle doors and drawbridge. 
On Friday, September 7th this unique space opens its doors for a cocktail reception to celebrate nine months of preparation and design. In the midst of countless events of  class and glamour during fashion week, LGallery Studio joins the debauchery to host "20 Years of Nudes" by photographer Michael Sutton. Fashion gurus, producers, and artists are invited to experience this exclusive underground space dedicated as a center of creativity and production.  
Following the opening evening, LGallery Studio goes public by allowing curious minds to witness the sensuality of Sutton's artistry from Saturday, September 8th to Monday, September 10th.  
Triangle Below Canal Street 
Located on the edge of Soho, LGallery Studio stands in a historic New York City building located on West Broadway and Reade Street. The emerging neighborhood of Tribeca has established itself as Manhattan's example of bourgeois-boheme. 
 LGallery Studio creators Philippe Reynaud, Yann Feron, Caroline and Francois Ragot-Delran and Pierre-Antoine Oury paired their talents with the business savvy of American investors Debra Noll and Douglas Greening, to transform this space into a an original gem of Tribeca's thriving venues. 

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